What's Next

Awesome stuff the Foxy team is working on and have released already. For full details, check out our changelogs and product updates.


Connect Foxy customer and order data to hundreds of apps without the need for third-party services like Zapier or Make.

In progress

Google Pay and Cash App Pay (for Square)

Allow customers to pay with Google Pay or Cash App at checkout.

In progress

Apple Pay

Allow customers to pay with Apple Pay at checkout.

In progress

Product Favoriting

Allow website visitors to favorite content/products. This functionality works with our embeddable customer portal.

In progress

External Coupons / Arbitrary Discount Values

Related to the pre-cart webhooks, but available separately, you can now you the API to add explicitly set discounts (or surcharges) to orders via the API.

Request Access   → In Beta

Pre-Cart Webhooks

For highly advanced integrations, this allows you to process all "/cart" and checkout requests and (optionally) modify the request handled by Foxy. Can allow for all sorts of interesting possibilities. Request Advanced or Enterprise plan due to the advanced nature of the functionality.

Request Access   → In Beta

Webflow Product Variants

Manage multiple levels of product variants with Webflow CMS. Chained logic, per variant inventory control, use select fields and radio options, real-time price change, real-time image change, and more.

Request Access   → In Beta

Zapier Integration

Send Foxy transaction data to 1000+ apps and services. Currently in private beta. Contact us for access.

Get Access   → In Beta

Customer Portal

A hosted page (just like the cart or checkout) where customers can view order history, manage subscriptions, update billing info, and more. Currently in private beta. Contact us for access.

Request Access   → In Beta

New Foxy Admin / Dashboard

We’re building a new admin that will not only be open source, but will allow SaaS or custom CMS integrations to easily embed portions of (such as transaction reports or coupon UI).

Request Access   → In Beta

Foxy Logic

Conditionally show/hide website pages, content, and elements based on any criteria (ie: customer logged in, customer is not logged in, customer has purchased a specific product, customer has an active subscription, etc.) This functionality works with our embeddable customer portal.

Request Access   → In Beta

WigWag Integration

Payment processing for South African merchants.

Learn More   → Released

Tax-inclusive Pricing

Display product price with tax included, but also display taxes charged as a separate line item.

Learn More   → Released

Help Scout Integration

View customer information, order history, subscription details, and more, right alongside your support tickets.

Learn More   → Released

Transaction Editing

Modify transactions right in the Foxy dashboard.

Request Access   → Released

Refunds, Voids, and Captures

Refund and void transactions directly from the Foxy dashboard as well as an integration with TaxJar and AvaTax to support refunds.

Request Access   → Released

Card Verification

The ability to verify a credit card before an actual order is placed. Ex: pre-orders or future subscriptions.


Address Validation / Autocompletion via Crafty Clicks

Integrate Crafty Clicks ClickToAddress functionality into your Foxy checkout for instant address auto population and verification.

View Announcement   → Released

POS Card Swiper Support for CyberSource

Magnetic strip card-present readers are now supported for the CyberSource gateway. More gateways will be supported in the future.

View Documentation   → Released

Maximum Shipping Package Weight

When an order exceeds the max weight, Foxy will now send shipping rate requests to shipping carriers for multiple packages.

View Documentation   → Released

Custom Shipping Code

Tie into Foxy’s new JavaScript Shipping API, creating and manipulating shipping rates however you want, right in Foxy.

View Announcement   → Released

Digital Gift Cards

Sell and accept gift cards as a payment method at checkout. Foxy will maintain remaining balances for you or log in to the new Foxy dashboard to manage gift cards as needed.

Request Access   → Released