"We expected to have to build our ecommerce feature. Marketplace functionality is not an option for almost any ecommerce options out there. We took a look at Foxy’s API and found everything we needed already built. It saved us hundreds of hours of dev time and resources that would have delayed our launch. It was the right choice for Nymbl.io."
Zac Folk
Founder & CEO
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Marketplace integration case study: Nymbl

Nymbl is an open source marketplace platform providing on demand custom merchandise for multiple use cases. They needed a flexible native ecommerce solution which not only supports a multi-vendor marketplace but offers Nymbl’s many types of users multiple gateways to choose from.

The Customer

Nymbl.io is an open source initiative providing an advanced on-demand merchandise software platform. We created a proprietary & scalable cloud-based image processing mockup server system that is second to none in terms of mockup quality and flexibility. We also produce & drop ship original products and have a unique model for fulfillment that ensures quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and premium quality.

The Challenge

Nymbl’s proprietary cloud-based image processing mockup server system is what sets them apart from other marketplace platforms. It was paramount that the ecommerce functionality could be integrated invisibly into the user experience. The varied user store types from fundraising, artists, promotional merchandise, company stores, to crowdfunding dictated the need to cover many payment options.

The Solution

Foxy’s API clicked right into the background of our platform. This native integration maintains the user experience we’ve spent so much time on. Our platform functions with ecommerce functionality exactly as our users expect. Out of the box we were able to launch with 90+ payment methods so we can be confident we won’t lose a user over gateway support.