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Powering billions of dollars in transactions for thousands of users all over the world.

Bayer needed custom ecommerce that’d integrate seamlessly with their LMS of choice to provision courses. As a Global Fortune 500 company, Bayer not only accepted customers with multiple currencies, languages, and payment methods across APAC and the EU, but also a custom integration for SAP.
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“Foxy provides the flexibility to design and implement a completely custom checkout page while carrying all the security burdens.”
Ryan McGuire
Bells Design
Absorb needed a way to provide best of breed ecommerce solution as a feature of their LMS. They sought to offload the time/cost concerns of PCI compliance, gateway integrations, and taxes.
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“Foxy allows us to empower our clients, by giving them the control they need of their website, without the administrative headaches associated with other ecommerce solutions.”
Graeme Leighfield
GEL Studios
Nymbl needed a flexible ecommerce solution which not only supports a multi-vendor marketplace but offers their users multiple gateways to choose from.
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  • "I brought it (website/online store) from conception to success within a week - a big thanks to Foxy for the easy set up."

    Eric G.
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  • "Thank you again very much for the help. Really, you all make it possible for me to create a shopping experience for my customers that rivals the very best websites."

    Eric T.
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  • "I spent a lot of time looking around for an ecommerce solution that would meet my needs and am really impressed with Foxy. It is not too hard (for an amatuer coder like me) to implement, provides the security I want and will give my buyers a seamless and elegant shopping experience."

    Lee M.
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  • "Foxy has been the perfect online giving platform for us and you guys have always been very helpful and responsive. Thanks for your support!"

    Drew B.
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