15¢/sale (max*)

$20/mo or $180/yr
First 100 transactions included
Email & Forum Support
Custom SSL ($100/yr)


5¢/sale (max*)

$300/mo or $3000/yr
First 1000 transactions included
Phone, Chat, Email & Forum Support
Custom SSL included



If you have specific needs like custom TOS, support, SLA, failover, functionality, or high volume processing, we're happy to help.

API Starter


$99/mo minimum
All Features
25 accounts

API Plus


$299/mo minimum
All Features
Unlimited accounts

API Premium


$599/mo minimum
All Features
Unlimited accounts
Custom Wildcard included
Priority support

Everything's Included

Unlimited Products

1 or 1,000,000 products, that's up to you. If you haven't understood how products work in Foxy, it's very different.


As many subscribers (with as many subscriptions per subscriber) as you want. We use Foxy native subscription functionality ourselves!


Unlimited downloadable product storage space, because whether you need an extra few MBs or GBs, it's annoying to have to pay more.


1 coupon for a local promo or 10,000 for a deal-of-the-day? No problem. We don't want to punish you for trying to market your products.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth isn't something you should have to worry about, and with Foxy, you don't. Our infrastructure can accommodate peaks, so go ahead without fear of severe overage charges.

Store Admins

Ever think it was lame that other systems charge you based on how many people need access? Yeah, we did too. Whether it's just you or a team of 100, do the right thing and don't share your login.

Unlimited Support

Ask away. We offer unlimited support to each and every one of our users. And we've been told our support's pretty good, too :)

Shipping Options

Live rates with the major shipping carriers? Included. And if you need multi-ship (multiple ship-to addresses on a single order), that's free as well.

Unlimited Happiness

Peace of mind can be invaluable. We care deeply about your success, and don't take the trust our users have placed in us lightly. We're in this for the long haul, and value each and every one of our users.

Join thousands of merchants, developers, and agencies worldwide that choose Foxy for customizable, mobile-friendly e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I develop for free?
As long as it takes. Charging you during development would be petty. We give you indefinite use of everything but a live payment gateway. When you're ready, simply pay for your FoxyCart store and enter your production gateway credentials.
Why transaction fees?
A low per-transaction fee ensures small businesses can take advantage of Foxy - without subsidizing larger merchants. By giving every user unlimited everything but transaction based pricing, merchants of all sizes get fair pricing and solid value.
What about low-priced items? 15¢ is a lot for a 99¢ item!
The transaction fees on the plans above (15¢ or 5¢) are the maximum fees. The fee is actually 0.5% with a maximum of 15¢ or 5¢, and a minimum of 1¢. So for a $50, $100, or $1000 transaction, the fee is a flat 15¢. For a $2 sale, the fee is just 1¢. Never pay signup, cancellation, storage, bandwidth, or usage fees though fees from your payment processor may apply.